Extended Deadline for IFRWH Conference in Poznan, 2020

Registration for the IFRWH Conference in Vancouver, August 2018 is now Open.

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Joint Sessions IFRWH and International Social History Association for the Poznan 2020 Conference

1.  Theme:  Engendering the History of Capitalism 

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2.  Theme:  Gendered Work, Gendered Struggles: Women's ACtivism at the Work-Place in Long-term and Comparative Perspective

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About the Federation

The Aim of IFRWH/FIRHF is to encourage and coordinate research in all aspects of women's history at  international level, For more information about the Federation, click here

National Committees

Membership of the Federation is normally by National Committees of researchers in the field of gender and women's history.  For the current list of National Committees click here.

Office-holders and Board Members

The Office-holders and Board members of the Federation serve for five years.  The current members were elected at the Federation's conference in Jinan, China in August 2015.  For short biographies of the office-holders and board members click here.


The Federation circulates a bi-annual newsletter. For the latest issue and back numbers. The latest issue: no 63 Winter 2017 is now available.


The proceedings of many of the Federation’s conferences have been published. The latest publications include two volumes of papers from the 2015 CISH/IFRWH Conference held in Jinan, China.

 A special issue of the Women's History Review, 27:1 (January 2018) edited by Karen Offen and Chen Yan presents papers from the IFRWH/CISH roundtables on women's history.

Mary O'Dowd and June Purvis have edited the papers presented at the Special Theme session on the History of the Girl for Palgrave Macmillan. This will appear later this year.  

For more details and other conference proceedings see our Publications pages

Obituaries for Two Former Board Members:  Shirin Akhter (1946-2016) and Ida Blom (1936-2016)

The IFRWH Expresses Its Support for the Central European University

On behalf of the Federation, President Eileen Boris has written to the Hungarian government to protest against the proposed changes to the legal status of the CEU and in support of academic freedom in Hungary. For more on the current situation in CEU see https://www.ceu.edu/category/istandwithceu?page=1

For changes to the website contact Professor Mary O'Dowd: m.odowd@qub.ac.uk.