Two Collections of Papers from the IFRWH Conference Held in Sheffield Hallam University Published

We are delighted to announce the publication of two collections of papers presented at the 2013 IFRWH Conference held in Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

The book is divided into three thematically-organised parts, covering gendered histories of transnational networks, women’s agency in the intersecting histories of imperialisms and nationalisms, and the concept of localizing the global and globalizing the local. Discussing a broad spectrum of topics from the politics of dress in Philippine mission stations in the early twentieth century to the shifting food practices of British women during the Second World War, the chapters bring women to the centre of the writing of new transnational histories.

Illustrated with images and figures, this book throws new light on key global themes from the perspective of women’s and gender history. Written by an international team of editors and contributors, it is a valuable and timely resource for students and researchers of both women’s history and transnational and global history.

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Special Issue of Women's History Review, vol. 25 no 4 (August 2016) edited by Barbara Bush and June Purvis.

Theme: Connecting Women's Histories: the Local and the Global

Essays by Barbara Bush, Jean P Smith, Helen Dampier, Kate Law, Emma Robertson, Anunima Datta, Ailish Veale, Elaine Farrell, June Purvis, Tiina Kinnunen, Vera Mackie. 

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