Dobrochna Kałwa (Poland)

Dobrochna Kałwa is historian and Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of History), Poland. She is editor of Aspasia. The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women's and Gender History, member of Women’s History Committee at the Polish Academy of Science and co-founder of Polish Oral History Association. Her research interests include gender history of 19th and 20th century EastCentral Europe, theory of oral history, women’s migration in contemporary Europe, collective memory of women’s movements in Poland. She is author and co-author of a number of books: Migration als Ressource. Zur Pendelmigration polnischer Frauen in Privathaushalte der Bundersrepublik, Openladen 2009 [with S. Metz-Göckel, S. Münst]; Kobieta aktywna w Polsce międzywojennej. Dylematy środowisk kobiecych [An active woman in interwar Poland. Dilemma of women movement], Kraków 2001; co-editor of Imaginations and Configurations of Polish Society: From the Middle Ages through the Twentieth Century, Heyde J., Hüchtker D., Kałwa D., et al. (eds.), Wallstein Verlag GmbH 2017; From mentalities to anthropological history. Theory and methods, B. Klich-Kluczewska, D. Kałwa (eds.), Kraków 2012.