Karen Offen and Chen Yan (eds), Special issue: “Women’s History at the Cutting Edge,” Women’s History Review, 27:1 (January 2018).

This special issue is based on the papers presented at the CISH/IFRWH round tables at the CISH Conference in Jinan, China, 2015.

Contributions include:

Women’s History at the Cutting Edge: A Joint Paper in Two Voices, by Chen Yan & Karen Offen

The Dangers of Complacency: Women’s History/Gender History in Canada in the 21st Century by Catherine Carstairs & Nancy Janovicek

The History of Women and Gender: French Perspectives on the Last Twenty Years by Françoise Thébaud

From Invisibility to Marginality:  Women’s History in Romania by Maria Bucur

Women’s History at the Cutting Edge in Japan by Rui Kohiyama

Women’s and Gender Studies of the Russian Past: Two Contemporary Trends  by Natalia Pushkareva & MariaZolotukhina

A Glass Half Full’?: Women’s History in the UK by June Purvis

Women’s History in Many Places: Reflections on Plurality, Diversity and Polyversality by Joanna de Groot.